Fishing is an activity that is enjoyed as a hobby and in a professional capacity. While many may simply enjoy the feeling of calm and serenity a relaxing day on the water can provide, others are more interested in the excitement and thrill of a big catch.

Record Breaking Rainbow Trout

A quiet day on the loch in Perthshire turned into a record breaking experience for Michael Mitchell. The painter and decorator by trade was taken by surprise when the hefty trout took the bite. It was only his quick reactions that allowed him to grab hold of the rod before it was swept away. Still reeling with excitement, the fisherman cannot believe his luck. Mitchell is still fairly new to fishing with only 5 years under his belt and this is his biggest catch so far.

The Chase Is On

Panic in when the oversized Rainbow Trout took hold. Mitchell knew that the catch was a big one but just how big he would have to wait and see. Rainbow Trout are not native to the waters and it is expected that it was an escapee from the local trout farm. The battle ensued for almost 15 minutes before Mitchell was able to gain control of the situation. With the help of Alex, his brother-in-law and fishing partner for the day, he managed to eventually haul the fish out the water, two broken nets the remnants of the battle.

Size Really Does Matter

They knew on sight that the fish was a record breaking one, however, exactly how big it was, was still to be determined. The trout weighed in at 34lb, smashing the previous record of 33lb 04oz. The previous record was in place for more than a decade.

When Michael Mitchell hit the water that day, he never dreamed that his maggot bait would land him in the UK record books. The rest as they say, is history.