Fishing spots all over the US yield phenomenal fish year round, however, in some instances, there seems to be something in the water. Lake Dixon in California seems to be holding some secrets, and harbouring some fish of phenomenal size.


On 20 March, 2006, Mac Weakley found himself on the end of a rod straining under the weight of a Bass. It weighed in at 25.01lb. Sadly the fish was foul-hooked and therefore could not be entered into the record books. Once photographed, the Bass was released to fight another day. Who knows maybe the next fisherman will strike it lucky.

Catch and Release

3 June 2003 was a day of epic proportions for Jed Dickerson, an rather fanatical Bass fisherman. The resident of Carlsbad took to the waters of Lake Dixon in California that pristine morning, oblivious to what lay ahead. Using a Mission Fish Swimbait lure, Jed managed to haul in a 27.1lb specimen that has topped many records. While not the largest Bass caught to date it did qualify for a number of lesser records. The Bass is the fourth largest caught in the world, third largest in the State of California and the heaviest to have been caught in San Diego. The fish was released back into the waters.

Ninth in Line

April 21, 2001, will rank as a great one for acclaimed big Bass fisherman, Mike Long. Using swimbait he managed to win the fight against a Bass weighing in at 20lb 12oz. Ranked as the ninth largest catch in the record books, Lake Dixon continues to produce record breakers.

Fishing is a wonderful experience, whether for pleasure or professional. It is a sport that you have to have a passion for. The oceans and lakes are filled with species that are a wonder to behold. Catch and release is key to maintaining the numbers, and allowing other to experience the awe.